Now you have the opportunity to compete with the rest of the world to get LOADED. All you have to do is place the absolute lowest and unique bid and this Supercharged BMW M3 CSL 2003 is yours. Read more about this awesome car here

First you register your name and Email here below and we will notify you by Email when we open up this unique and limited auction with partners like Bid2aid Lowest-Unique-Bid auction opens up in the middle of september 2007. 

Loaded Time-Attack in 2007 at The Nürburgring is sponsored by Michelin and KW Suspensions.





Lowest unique bidder? What does this mean?

The lowest unique bidder is the person who has bid the lowest amount that no other person has bid.


When two people place the same bid, that number is no longer unique.


When a person has a unique bid but there are others that are lower, then it's not the lowest.


To win a bid2aid Auction, you must be the one with the lowest AND unique bid at the auction's end - the lowest unique bid.



Check out this graphic:

About the delivery of Loaded to the buyer that placed the winning bid.

The plan is that the auction of the Loaded car will open during the beginning of september. When the auction winner is pronounced and the payment of the buying sum is registered at Bidstream Ltd.


Anybody from all over the world (age 18+) will through our cooperation with PayNova have the opportunity to place the lowest unique bid on this amazing BMW M3 CSL.


The buyer receives airplane tickets for 2 persons from their nearest commercial airport to Frankfurt/Hahn. Transport by private driver from the airport to the Dorint Hotell at Nürburgring. On the evening of the buyers arrival, Bidstream Ltd, will be host of a dinner and supé while the formal handover-ceremony takes place.


Bidstream Ltd will at the same occasion announce the amount of money raised from this auction that will go to an aid project. A representative for the aid project will be invited to be present to receive the contribution.


More information and details will be available in relation to the launch of the auction during September 2007.


Further information about the Loaded car:

Further information about Nürburgring:

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